Caravaggio in Rome

From January 01, 2016

Michelangelo Merisi, the man who would become the famed but troubled artist Caravaggio, worked extensively in Rome. Some of Caravaggio’s most famous paintings – which are, in turn, some of the best known paintings from the Baroque Art period – decorate Rome’s churches or are located in the city’s galleries. Our tour will take you to the places in Rome where you can spot masterpieces by the “Bad Boy of the Baroque.”

Duration 4/7 hours
Transport Sedan or Mini Van
Access to churches and basilicas No entrance fees
Sturdy shoes Highly recommended

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Caravaggio in Rome

This tour has been designed to discover the many locations in Rome where Caravaggio’s work and art can still be seen.

We will visit different churches and museums, evoking this artist’s genius through the reading of his paintings.

His use of ordinary people, realistically portrayed street boys, prostitutes, the poor and the aged, was a profound and revolutionary innovation that left its mark on a generation of artists.

His insistence on painting from nature, on rendering the emotional truth of experience, whether religious or secular, makes him an artist who speaks across the centuries to our own time.

He produced masterpieces of astonishing complexity and power.

We would like to introduce you to the brief but tumultuous life of this great painter.

Since there is so much about Caravaggio in Rome – infact we find him in many different museums and in several churches – we will need to choose an itinerary of places to visit according to your preference. One of the options would be a visit to the Galleria Borghese and St Mary of the People; or only the Caravaggio paintings inside the churches of Rome like S. Maria del Popolo, St Louis of the French and St Agostino together with sites in Rome recalling some of the relevant moments from his eventful life.

Tours run daily, except on public holidays (15th August, 25th December and 1st January).

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